We are now closed for the 2016 / 17 season!

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  • 'Merchant' - A plump and crunchy sweet cherry variety.
  • 'Vista' - A large, very dark red sweet cherry.
  • 'Dame Nancy' - A white-fleshed juicy sweet cherry variety.
  • 'Sunburst' - A round deep red sweet cherry.
  • 'Van' - A short stemmed crunchy sweet cherry.
  • 'Glacier' - An extra large dark sweet cherry.
  • 'Stella' - A heart shaped, fleshy sweet cherry.
  • 'Ron' - A small but sweet red cherry variety.
  • 'Simone' - A crunchy-fleshed sweet cherry.
  • 'Morello' - A small, bright red globe-shaped sour cherry variety. 
  • 'Lapin' - A crunchy-fleshed sweet cherry. 
  • 'Dame Roma' - A large round scarlet red sweet cherry.