We've been growing cherries for 25 years, and have learnt a thing or two.

Our Mission

We aim to produce top quality fruit that is picked fresh every day, at peak ripeness. This ensures that you get the best tasting cherries money can buy. All our cherries are carefully picked and sorted by hand - there are no shortcuts here.

our processing

We pick and sort every cherry by hand. It is a labour of love, and it ensures that there is minimal damage to the fruit that goes into the box. This means that they keep well and stay fresher, and tastier, for longer. We don't dip our cherries in any anti-fungal solutions, chlorine, or brine after picking - choosing to use basic fan forced refrigeration instead.

OUR Growing

Cherries, like most sweet fruits are susceptible to damage from insects and animals. We choose to grow our orchard under permanently enclosed netting to minimise bird damage and reduce water loss. The only fertiliser we apply is a combination of natural seaweed product and organic material. During flowering, we spray an anti-fungal copper based solution onto the trees to ensure that fruit 'sets' and doesn't succumb to fungal disease as the fruit starts to ripen - this is the same product as can be used in organic farming practices. We also spray pyrethrum products and 'Success NEO' (Spinetoram) which protects the fruit from insect attack as it is growing. These sprays are completely degraded weeks before the fruit is harvested - so the only thing that remains on the fruit by the time it is picked is a little dust... or rain! We do not spray sulphur on our fruit. The presence of ladybirds and other bugs in our orchard is evidence of our minimal spray philosophy.


We offer visitors relaxed and honest customer service, where you can taste our products and learn about growing cherries - guests can even pick their own from the trees if they like. Our farm gate is off the main road and there is plenty of space to stretch the legs or relax on the lawn whilst finishing an ice cream. We are child and family friendly, and so are our Border Collie dogs. We kindly ask that you do not smoke or bring your pets along to our farm gate.

The Desmonds are quite finicky about producing the very best and harvesting their cherries only when they are at peak ripeness.
— Leonie Porter-Nocella, Fleurieu Living Magazine. Photo: Grant Beed

What we are involved in

  • Member of Cherry Growers Association of South Australia
  • Member of EAT LOCAL South Australia - promoting and supporting local produce from growers & families.
  • Member Willunga Farmers Market 
  • Member Mt Compass Produce & Tourist Trail 
  • Supporting the local Fleurieu Arts community