open daily 9am - 5pm  (DURING CHERRY SEASON dec & jan )

Cherry season has begun for 2018 but please check this website for further updates.

There will be plenty of cherries for Christmas (Stella and Lapin)

PYO is now OPEN for the Season

Premium grade Cherries $15 - $20 per kg

Morello (Sour) with Stems $13, Morello (Sour) without stems $11. Pre picked minimum order 5kg
Seconds range from $8 - $10 per kg (pitting is available for $15 per 5kg)

PYO Cherries $12 per kg


For more information on PYO please click here

We sell fresh cherries and cherry products from our farm gate.

We have up to 20 different cherry varieties available including both sweet and sour cherries, and make cherry relish, cherry jam and delicious cherry ice-cream! You can buy cherries by the kilo, pick-your-own, or relax on the lawn at our farm gate.


Want to pick your own juicy fresh cherries? We offer orchard access for a small fee per person where you and your friends & family can pick to your hearts content! 

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Find out about our produce, our growing methods, and the experiences we offer customers at the farm gate.

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